Founded in 1987, Genesis Real Estate Group is an institutionally proven national developer. Its principals have more than 100 years of real estate experience and have developed over $750 million in successful projects. Over the past three decades, Genesis has earned a reputation for development in markets with strong demand, high barriers to entry, and a complicated entitlement process, resulting in significant value enhancement and superior yields for our partners.

Genesis specializes in high-quality multi-family developments. We have pioneered innovative construction methods for residential high-rises, and efficient designs for high-density multi-family units, including the Texas Wrap. Genesis developments meet the highest standards of craftsmanship, performance integrity and efficiency, and are designed with careful attention to details and smart innovations to improve profitability.

Our depth of experience includes complex land and project entitlements, job costing, pre-construction services, general contracting, construction management, marketing, property management, sales and disposition.

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Because Genesis is vertically integrated, we have the ability to self-perform all work associated with development.

  • Construction Management

  • Marketing

  • Pre-Construction Services

  • General Contracting

  • Complex Land & Project Entitlements

  • Job Costing

  • Pre-Construction Services,

  • General Contracting

Over the Years

We have earned an outstanding reputation for getting the job done right, on time, within budget, and with exceptional results — and we look forward to many more years of developing successful partnerships.

Capitalizing on Opportunities

  • Achieving our clients’ goals

  • Maximizing returns on invested capital by treating it as our own

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A Satisfied Customer is the Best Business Strategy of All.

Active Management of Design and Development

Our in-house development team takes an active role in the design and development process, guiding architects and designers in the creation of high quality products that will achieve superior financial returns for Genesis and its financial partners. By carefully supervising each phase of development, from smart design to careful cost management, we are able to build residential products for less than our competitors, giving us an edge in financing as well as profit generation.

Intelligent Green Design with Strong Performance Integrity

From the earliest conceptual designs to the the final phases of development, we are focused on creating highly efficient products with exceptional performance integrity.

Genesis partners with specialists in soundproofing, heat insulation, cold weather condensation, moisture barriers, energy efficiency and waterproofing, in order to design and build superior structures.

Participation in Specification, Purchase and Bidding Process

We also participate directly in the specification, purchase and bidding process, and regularly work with contractors to implement design efficiencies and obtain construction bids that fit project budgets. Our extensive experience in bidding and working directly with a large database of subcontractors allows us to bypass many layers of intermediaries and source directly, bringing significant savings and improved profitability for our partners.

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Our creative designs have broken new ground in multi-family development, leading to increased cost savings and improved performance. Below are a few of our most successful innovations.

Highly Efficient High-Rise Construction

In 1998, Genesis used groundbreaking construction technology to build Turtle Creek Villas, a 14-story Dallas luxury high-rise. The technique achieved record construction times, lowered carrying costs and ultimately increased profitability. Genesis was able to price below the competition, while achieving the same or higher yields.

Pioneering Property Design

Genesis worked with a leading multi-family design architect to develop the urban four-story density product with an integrated, structured garage, now commonly referred to as the “Texas Wrap.” This collaboration created a high-efficiency, low-cost building framework allowing up to 85 units an acre utilization of land. Dallas’s Maple Villas and Southern Villas are classic examples of this style.

Traditional High Density Walk Ups

By combining efficient design methods and careful management of the development process, we are also able to provide significant savings in traditional products, including wood frame three-to-four-story garden walk ups like LaCosta Villas.